Suppressing XAML Debugging Tools

So you know the little black box in your XAML form with links to the debugging tools?  Looks like this:


It has links to the Live Visual Tree and the Live Property Explorer, among other things.  They’re useful tools, to be sure, but if I’m not using them, I don’t want to see the little toolbox.  You can minimize it, like this:


Now it’s smaller, but it’s still there.  I like a minimalist view of things.  That little black bar annoys me.  It draws the eye.  How to get rid of it?  I asked my friend the internet a few minutes at a time for many days to no avail.  Maybe I wasn’t using the correct search terms.  So I started poking around Visual Studio and I found it here:


In retrospect, it seems obvious that it’s in the “Live Visual Tree” tool window (Debug > Windows > Live Visual Tree).  And voila!


Aaaaahhhh.  No more little black boxes or bars.  All is right with the world again.